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Why Funky Upcycled Clothing? 

I love colors and patterns and matching them together. I got this love from scrapbooking and decided to apply it to clothing. I use upcycled clothing for fabric because it's good for the environment to reuse, but there is also such an abundance of fun patterns at the thrift store!

I started out making clothes for my sons, then gifts for friends and family, and then I got up the courage to share my art online and in my community. I became an official business in 2019 and spent many weeks at the Redmond Saturday Market over the summer.

Custom orders are my favorite! I can help your ideas come to life. New clothes can be made from your outgrown, torn or stained clothing. You can also shop your local thrift store and find items to be remade. The sky is the limit. Message me with any questions!

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